/disˈtraktəˌvôr/ noun: an animal that feeds on distractions.


Hello, I’m Claire. A slightly ridiculous humanish being with ADHD & ASD, and an avid collector of hobbies and information. This blog will feature all of the above.

I am an elder millenial and “digital native” with a degree in Internet Communications and a Master’s in business. I can be found on most platforms @distractivore but I tend use things intermittently, or excessively and then get distracted, so I’m not sure I would advise following me anywhere (unless you want to be my friend on ACNH or PoGo)

The list of hobbies/crafts/instruments I have learnt is much longer than the list of ones I actually do, and both lists are constantly changing.

In my spare time I run goat track marketing, doing web and app design, hosting, and marketing.

I also co-own your stylli (currently on hiatus) and design and print mugs.